New SpRkle dropped in the UK

I have been Rhinestoning cups for a good while now, but have been really struggling to find supplies here in the UK. Therefore I decided I would finally branch out to bring you ALL THE BLING!!!! I really hope you find something that makes you happy.

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  • SS6 Stones for Cushion set

    SS6 Stones for Cushion set

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  • Tumblers & Tools

    Completely straight skinny stainless steel tumblers 

    Twist Flip lid - for use with straw or straight from the flip top, Screw on - available in 20oz and 30oz

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  • Recently Added

    Brand New exciting items :)

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  • Kits & Bundles

    Grab and go! Get yourself a simple protect with all that you need to make gorgeous Tumblers. Pls Note - you will need glue and a rhinestone tool.

    Kits & Bundles 
  • Vivid Opals Luminescent

    These stones have an amazing zingy opal colour that glows when charged under UV light.

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  • Classic Neutral Stones

    These 'GO TO' stones work well with almost any other colour.

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  • Rhinestone Mix

    Rhinestone mix of various colours and sizes. Perfect for scatter method.

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  • Multipacks

    Multipack stones in various colours - used for fillers or scatter method.

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  • AB Stones

    AB isan iridescent coating that gives a subtle shimmer. It is named after the Aurora Borealis, the fabulous Northern Lights.  

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  • Special Coated Stones

    These stones really do have “something about them”. Although not classed as AB, they have a coating which adds a shift to the colour.  Not your everyday straight coloured stone.

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  • SpRkle Design Creations

    Handmade items

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  • Pen Mixes & Kits

    SS12 pen mini mixes, stainless steel pens.

    Pen Mixes & Kits 

Stones per tumbler -