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Arctic Mint - SpRkle Spinner (pls read description)

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Tray configuration

Spinning rhinestone tray - each layer sold separately - spinning base needed for all further layers to spin - layers consist of : 

1 spinning base 

1 x 2 halves 

1 x 4 quarters 

1 x 4 eighths 

1 x lid with elastic to secure 


these trays are perfect to stack your projects, whether that be three stacks of halves, two stacks of quarters - which ever configuration suits your bling style. 

The handy lid with elastic makes this perfect for travelling

No more rhinestone trays everywhere.

please be aware - these are 3d printed therefor may have imperfections cosmetically, but the imperfections will not affect the use of the product. 

Idea inspired by Seery-Us creations